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What is session wrestling? 

A form of sexual fantasy, fulfilling a desire for dominance & submission using physical strength and choke holds.


What is play-wrestling? 

A wrestling session where you will make little or no effort to win the match. You can provide some resistance or struggle, but the physical contact & holds are more important than who wins the match. In other words, there will be no injury risks of a competitive match.

What other fetishes can I do in a wrestling session?

You can request for wrestling session to include foot and/or muscle worship, face sitting and T&D

Can you do competitive or KOs?


No, I do not provide them due to the risks of injuries 

Will there be nudity or can I request for outfits?

No nudity for me, outfits can be requested if it's available. Otherwise, I'll be in my comfortable wrestling lingerie. 

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